tillymint_x (tillymint_x) wrote in onetree_hill,

Damon & Haley - Angel

 I just want say a huge thank you to Patricia  (Sweetdreaams on the DHB, I don't know your yt username) for watching  the video before I uploaded it and putting my worries at ease, your a  star !

Long Summary: Damon and Haley fall in love, but just  when she feels she's getting somewhere with him, he pulls away. They  resolve things, but it's not long before he strays away, breaking her  heart and telling her 'he doesn't do good, it's just not in him.' He  realises he's miserable without Haley, but she's not prepared to let him  in again, not this time. Eventually he tells her he loves her, and  because of this she agrees to give him one last chance, because she  loves him too, and he's finally opened up to her in a way he's never  before.
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